No Worries

Worry about nothing, pray about everything. That is Paul’s advice in Philippians 4:6. When we feel anxiety about a situation or tension about a situation, we are to take it to God. We take it to Him with thanksgiving – an understanding and reminder of all He has done for us. We are to make our requests known to God and then trust His love and power to accomplish what we ask. We have a Father, a Lord, who controls all. Why should we worry?! To worry is to momentarily forget God. We will have situations that make us anxious, which is why Paul tells us elsewhere to pray without ceasing. Constant prayer is a sign that we refuse to deal with problems internally, inevitably leading to a  dead-end outcome, but rather we have come to embody verse 6; we take everything straight to Him. This is the true test of faith that occurs all day. By the way, there is nothing in this chapter or book that talks about popping pills when you get too anxious. Some people need a stronger dose of God in their life, that is currently being substituted by a mind-altering pharmaceutical. That’s all I’ll say about that…..

ur 2-d0 4 2-day: Put the pills down and take the next thing that bothers you straight to God. See if the “peace of God” overwhelms you (vs. 7).

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