Open your Bibles…

I use Bible apps on my iPhone and iPad. I use them for devotional time. I use them in church. Not exclusively, but I use them. So I am not against new technology when it comes to Bible reading.


There is a growing trend among church goers to leave their Bible – in whatever form – at home. In place of it, they simply follow along with the “verse on the screen”. So what’s the big deal with that?

It’s a matter of history. Church history. As people became illiterate in the Dark Ages, the churches during that time (read: the Papacy) began to spread heresy based on the fact that the people in the pews could not fact check. How do we avoid this in our day and age with all of our modern technology? Simple: bring your Bible to church, in whatever form it takes. 

I believe this is reason enough to encourage our congregations to bring their Bibles to church.

What is your opinion? Is it okay to just follow the verses on the screen, or should you still take your Bible to church?

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2 thoughts on “Open your Bibles…

  1. Another great post Marc! I think you’ve hit one of the reasons dead on. Another reason, I fear, is that too many sermons are preached in a way that no one needs to look at their Bibles. Also in churches where all the verses are put either on the screen or in a handout, the purpose of bringing your Bible is defeated. People won’t look up what they don’t have to and they won’t bring what they don’t use to look up!

  2. “Neuroscience, in fact, has revealed that humans use different parts of the brain when reading from a piece of paper or from a screen.”

    “…if you don’t use the deep reading part of your brain, you lose the deep reading part of your brain.”