The test to know if you are too busy: margin indicators


This is my Golden Retriever, Maggie. I will argue with you all day that they are the best dog breed for families. But sometimes, okay – a lot of sometimes, I find myself too busy to properly care for her. On certain days, I don’t have time to toss the ball, I find her begging for attention intrusive and annoying, and I definitely don’t have time  to groom her to start her day.

That’s when I know I’m too busy.

Maggie is one of my “margin indicators”.  If I had the proper amount of margin (or “flexible time”) in my day, I would choose to spend some of it with Maggie. If I don’t have time to do some of these things with her, I don’t have enough margin. It’s that simple.

As Christians, when we get too busy, we get too tired. And when you are too tired, you don’t have the energy and focus to serve the Lord, and your church, effectively.

So when I notice that I’m not noticing Maggie, it’s a cue for me to slow down. It’s time to find some margin.

Another margin indicator for me is my car. I hate a dirty car – inside or out – so if it’s dirty for more than a week – time to slow down.

How about you? What margin indicators do you look for in your life?

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