How My Toddler Taught Me To Ask God for Wisdom

“Daddy will you teach me this?” Those were the words from my three year old son recently. He was holding a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior. He received the box for Christmas, but his mom and I had not had time yet to begin teaching him the material. And as you know, toddlers are very inquisitive. He wanted to learn.


His simple, heartfelt question made me smile. And then it made me think. He knew – he believed – that his daddy had the answers he wanted. And he knew that his daddy loved him and would help him discover.

God did not have to choose to relate to us as our Father. He could have chosen to relate to us as simply a friend He redeemed through Christ. But He chose to adopt us. He chose to make us His children! And when we come to Him, we come to Him as His child.

So it seems to me, that we should be asking the same question of God as my son asked of me. 

“Heavenly Father, will you teach me this?”

That is a good prayer. It’s a prayer to pray before reading your Bible; while raising your children; while working to love your spouse more; while learning a new skill; while ministering to someone hurting. It’s a prayer that is applicable all over your life.

God loves you. God has all the answers. So, ask Him for wisdom and knowledge. You will be pleased with His answer. 

What have your children taught you about God? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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