Dealing With Mirages in Our Work

A mirage is false hope. It is only helpful for motivation, not in reality. You can’t eat the sand. A mirage in your work or life will not sustain you. Reaching the destination of a mirage ends in a reality check. In other words, a mirage only prolongs and makes worse the inevitable.



We all have mirages that appear from time to time in our field of vision. And a mirage is tempting. But the problem is, no matter how much we want it to be true, it just isn’t. And pushing towards it only brings that painful reality into focus quicker.

There are things we try to make happen that aren’t meant to be. 

What in your ministry is a mirage? What are you forcing that is not there? What do you need to eliminate now that will free you to do other things? What mirage do you need to stop walking towards? Maybe it is a program that is not working or a leader that is not performing. Maybe it is a goal of perfection that is unattainable.

Whatever it is, it’s not going to end up the way you want it too. It’s a mirage.

All of us have mirages we are tempted to pursue. What are yours? 

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