Writing is More Beautiful

I started a blog to write, but I have become disenchanted with the amount of time to takes to “layout” a blog post. I did not set out to become a master-curator for pictures and headlines. I write because I love to express ideas, because I love ideas. Ideas change things.

source: http://schimmie.info

source: http://schimmie.info

I suppose what bothers me most is the emphasis on visuals in our culture and the de-valuing of the written word. The written word is important, vitally important. How do I determine this? Because God chose the written word as the medium to communicate His message. He could have chosen something else. He chose words. And He chose them knowing that in this new millennium, other things would be competing for our attention. (Arthur W. Hunt III has written on this extensively.)

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a thousand words can be more beautiful, stimulating, and inspiring than any work of art.

This blog has always been about words. I hope to keep it that way.


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