What is Fellowship with God?

As church leaders, we often preach and teach our people about having fellowship with God. But how many of our people really know what we mean by that? Do we really know what we mean by that? What is our fellowship with God?

It means to “commune” with God; to share with Him. We share ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. This is done obviously through prayer. But fellowship is a 2-way street. How do we hear from God? How do we fellowship with Him?

Fellowship with God comes from His Word. He gives us the great honor of speaking with us – indeed, communicating with us personally – through His Word. The Bible describes itself as “alive”. It is so because through it God communicates specifically with His individual children in specific times, places, and situations.

The fellowship that I have with God is that I hear from Him – distinctly and directly – from His Word every morning; and I pray to Him with assurance that He hears me. This is communication. This is communion. This is fellowship.

Fellowship with God is not some mysterious, ethereal feeling.

Fellowship is knowing that you have heard from God and that He has also heard you. 

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