Counter-Culture: The New Reality for the American Church

America is no longer a Christian nation. I don’t mean that there are not plenty of Christians in America. What I mean is that our leaders and our neighbors are no longer basing their decisions on biblical truths. To deny that is to deny reality. The America with the Bible as her belt and the buckle in the South is no more. So what does this mean for our churches?


What Does It Mean That The Bible Is “Alive”?

In Hebrews 4:12, the Bible describes itself as being alive. Yes, alive as in living. It is this facet that gives the Bible its inexhaustible nature. But what does this mean, “alive” or “living”? How can a book be alive?


Let me give you an illustration: suppose you had a choice of spending every day for the next 50 years with your spouse vs. spending every day for the next 50 years with a stuffed animal.

After awhile, you would grow very bored with one (insert marriage jokes here) and fall more and more in love with the other. What is the difference?

The difference is that one is alive and one isn’t.

Things that are alive hold our attention much better than things that aren’t. That’s why we have pet dogs and not pet cement bags. Thats why we have warehouse grocery stores exclusively for pets. You won’t see a store of that size anytime soon catering to the care of your stuffed animal.

Living things engage us in ways non-living things do not. There is something about life.

There is something about God’s Word that makes it different from any other book in my library – life. Because of this, people can devote their entire lives to studying and learning the Bible, never exhausting its resources.

Living things communicate, respond, interact with us.

The Bible is alive, and it speaks to us and teaches us as if it were a living, breathing instructor before us.

The Things We Do Last Forever

You don’t just say something affirming to your child one day. You give them your affirmation, in that moment, to carry with them forever.

You don’t just give your spouse a gift on her birthday. You give her a memory that she will carry with her eternally.

You don’t just take a long weekend to spend with your parents. You give them quality time that will be remembered perpetually.

We are eternal beings.

The things we do that are birthed in but a moment will live on without end.

You do not walk among mere mortals. Be careful how you exist.

The Greatness of America

America is great, not because of her location, geography, military, or money. America is great because of her ideas.

On July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence was set forth by a “band of brothers” – the founding fathers of the United States – in the face of the mighty British empire.

Writing is More Beautiful

I started a blog to write, but I have become disenchanted with the amount of time to takes to “layout” a blog post. I did not set out to become a master-curator for pictures and headlines. I write because I love to express ideas, because I love ideas. Ideas change things.



Why I Turned Off the TV in Disgust During the 2014 New Year’s Broadcast

It was 12:55PM in Manila. I was sitting at home, having already celebrated the new year coming in, hoping to catch the ball drop in Times Square on TV. I was surfing USA TV channels trying to find the least-annoying hosts to watch the festivities. I ended up turning off the TV in frustration. Yes, the hosts were annoying. But what I encountered that caused me to turn off the TV in disgust was not annoying, mindless babble; it was debauchery glorified.



The Biblical Significance of Major Storms

Photo Nov 08, 5 27 42 PM

The Philippines, my home, was ravaged yesterday by the worst typhoon (hurricane) to ever make landfall. Ever. It was an significant event in history. It’s also a significant event Biblically.

My house was not damaged by the storm – we live in Manila which was out of the direct path. But I have seen, heard, and felt the impact to the Philippines. I have experienced the chaos that the storm caused. In a similar way, you did too. You saw the news reports, the satellite images, the Twitter trends. We are all aware of the impact of storms like this.

There have been other recent weather related events, in the Philippines and elsewhere, that have caused the world to pay attention. Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Sandy, the tsunami in Japan, the recent earthquake in the Philippines, and now Typhoon Haiyan. And that’s not all of the major events recently, just a handpicked few.

So what is the biblical meaning? Is there a reason that events like this are taking place?