The Question for Beauty is Not How But Why

These snowflake photos from photographer Alexey Kljatov are incredible. They instantly inspire awe in all of us, and for good reason. They also create questions.

Photos like these spark a debate among those who believe in a Creator, and those who adhere to evolutionary theory. The “discussion” (which quickly digresses to an argument) is usually centered around explaining how these came to be.

But the question for these snowflakes with regard to their genesis is not “how” but “why’?

How the Oregon Shooting Relates to Sin

I was very disappointed, though not in the least surprised, to hear President Obama immediately characterize the recent shooting at an Oregon school as the result of mental illness.

Even if that is the case, that is beside the point. Mental illness is a result of sin at its most primal level. Not all mentally ill people have their problems because of some sin in their life directly, please understand, but their human sin nature and sin’s presence in the world set the stage, so to speak. Sickness does not exist if sin does not exist. Pain does not exist if sin does not exist. Death does not exist if sin does not exist. Mental illness would not exist if sin did not exist.

In other words, our world is broken because of sin. 

It is a certainty that some people labeled as mentally ill after committing a crime are not ill at all. They are deranged and blinded by sin, not sick. They are irrational in their thoughts and conclusions because of lie after lie upon lie after lie that they have believed from the father of lies himself. And it leads them to action that to them may not seem sinful. But it is.

Satan is the great deceiver, and there is a “way that seems right to a man”. Just because someone believes they are doing good when they do evil does not make them mentally ill. It makes them a sinner. It makes them human.

The fact of the matter is that a mass murder is the result of sin in our world. It is not the result of guns, or philosophies, or weather, or anything else. It results from sin. The gospel is the only solution to sin, so it is the solution to this problem.

The shooting in Oregon provides an opportunity for churches to frame the discussion of evil in light of the redemptive, healing power of the gospel. No one else is looking to frame it that way, and it is up to churches to do so.

The gospel of Jesus solves this problem (and all others) in three ways:

1 – Christ and His gospel have the power to transform the life of anyone. This includes the Oregon shooter. Imagine if he had met Jesus.

2 – Christ and His gospel have the power to help mourning families heal. Particularly if the loved ones who died were believers, it gives hope that is eternal.

3 – Christ and His gospel have the power to help communities heal, especially as local churches rally around them, love them, and help them.

The solution is not gun control, depression counseling, or more armed guards.

The solution is Jesus. 

If the Past is Infinite, How Did We Arrive In the Present?

When I was a child, I wondered about eternity and time (I was a weird kid). And I would get frustrated because I could not logically come up with an answer to this: if God existed before time, going all the way back as far as one can go, with no beginning, how did He arrive at the point in time to begin creation? In other words, if there was no starting point, how would you arrive in the present? If the past is infinite, the present would never be arrived upon. My little brain could not comprehend this.

gensis-beginning copy_Fotor